PerkImBa offers intensive courses in streaming, online and presential.


These interdisciplinary courses mix students, professional performers, teachers in continuing training and anyone who wants to experience rhythm with PerkImBa


Musicians, actors, dancers, teachers, stage designers, choreographers, architects and other occupational profiles come together in the world of sound, improvisation and creation of the drums and colors of PerkImBa.

PerkImBa Courses are offered at 3 different blocks: fall, spring and summer.

NEXT COURS Summer 2021

Streaming Courses 

10th International Summer Course

Online Courses

Create your rhythmic tale. From 0-6 years (in spanish)

Musical Games and multiples intelligences (in spanish) 1rst edition

Musical Games and multiples intelligences (in spanish) 2th edition

Rhythmic Games behind the screen (in french)

TH DRUMS Method. Volumne 1 (without words

Pedagogical Direction: Neus Fernández
Artistic Direction: Thierry Hochstätter

PerkImBa CiaRoser Navarro, Laura Dorna, Ilona Muñoz, Ona Marco, Juliette Louste, Vivien Hochstätter and Gerard Masip.

See you in PerkImBa !!!

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