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PerkImBa offers training courses where music and movement merge with an experiential methodology.
The goals are didactic, artistic and scenic.

Courses can be face-to-face, streaming and online.

Musicians, actors, dancers, teachers, stage designers, choreographers, architects and other occupational profiles come together in the world of sound, improvisation and creation of the rhythm and colors of PerkImBa.

We also offer these courses by associations or teaching teams of schools and in multiple languages.


SUMMER school online

"Microscope. Musical didactics between teachers"
Online courses in Spanish
30 hours each course

COURSE 01 The body, our instrument
COURSE 02 Rhythm and words
COURSE 03 Song and resources
COURSE 04 Accompaniment and creative games
COURSE 05 Phrasing, scales and games
COURSE 06 Didactic materials. Recycling.

* Training recognized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya as permanent teacher training.



Ilona Muñoz Contes PerkImBa_edited.jpg

Create your rhythmic TALE



See you in PerkImBa !

If you have specific questions, please send us an e-mail.

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