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MUSICAL GAMESand multiple intelligences
Online Course. 1st and 2nd edition

Do you want to know multiple games to learn music?
Are you looking for a constructive didactics for the diversity of the students in the classroom

Streaming course to learn musical games with didactics and strategies applied to the diversity of students based on multiple intelligences.
You will learn about PerkImBa musical games, fun, playful, creative and artistic through visual, spatial, kinesthetic, interpersonal elements ... A course that will allow you to learn about musical games and, mainly, we will give you the tools to create your own games for your students.


We will practice musical language content offering a varied repertoire of body, vocal and instrumental resources .


"The ability to know oneself and to know others is also essential to the human condition, as is the fact of knowing objects or sounds."

Gardner (1997)



Every person learns, thinks, feels, functions, processes, looks and understands differently. In this course we will give you a vision of musical learning from different perspectives based on the multiple intelligences of H. Gardner.

Who is it for?

​Music, dance and theater teachers, social educators and all those who wish to know a rhythmic game methodology.who wish to know a methodology of the musical game


Online Cours

You will have access to the videos and all the course materials for 1 year.

This course is in Spanish. 

If you want to stream in English, we offer English courses for Dalcroze Rhythmic groups,

schools and associations. Contact us by email




  • Body Games

  • Space Games 

  • Musical Games

  • Using objects as a learning resource

  • Improvisation and creation

  • Pedagogycal

  • Creating new games


54 €


Neus Fernández

Musician, pedagogue, Director of PerkImBa













Roser Navarro

Dancer, teacher, PerkImBa Cia artist


Roser Navarro Curso streaming Perkimba

Participants Feedbacks

Encore merci pour ces journées ! Merci encore à l’équipe Perkimba, travailler avec vous a été une grande joie !
Votre professionnalisme et votre bienveillance sont remarquables. 


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