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  PerkImBa -  Percussió Improvisació Ballet

PerkImBa is a company led by Neus Fernández, who enthusiastically promotes Dalcroze Rhythmics in Spain and Thierry Hochstätter, creator of rhythm and percussion in the Rudra Béjart School and composer and percussionist for Béjart Ballet Lausanne.


A multidisciplinary company which combines music and dance, percussion and movement, for as broad a public as possible in performances in Spain, France and Switzerland and elsewhere when the opportunity arises.

PerkImBa Company includes pluridisciplinary artists from the spheres of dance, music and theatre.  Consisting of dancers, musicians and actors, all with vast experience of live performance as well as pedagogy.  Artists, whose tuition spans multiple disciplines, yet with a common element - their PerkImba training


In this way in PerkImBa dancers and actors are musicians and the musicians themselves are in constant movement.


The ranks of PerkImBa are flexible depending on the project, from a nucleus of 5 dancers up to 20.  Often different groups participate with the company for specific performances and thus the numbers can grow to 200 dancers and musicians!


The company and the directors contribute to an on-going reflection on:

  • Pedagogy and Dalcroze Rhythmics as a learning tool

  • Improvisation as a means of expression

  • Expressiveness and performance

  • Different scenic spaces

  • And creation


We are continually interested in educational and social projects and are open to new proposals.

“We work with what we have, with what we are and we view each challenge as the beginning of a new creation”


Our activities are guided by two different axis of equal importance:

  • Artistic and pedagogycal courses

  • Creation for stage or street performances

PerkImBa offers:


PerkImBa Training: Master Class, Courses and Workshops

PerkImBa Cia: Shows Dancing - Percussion Company

PerkImBa Children: Kids/Teenagers Courses and Workshops

On stage the company creates a sound space overflowing with energy and vitality.  Music and movement intertweave in various forms and colors with a large dose of sensitivity between the movement and the rhythm of the drums.


Improvisation - or more correctly spontaneous creation – in live performance, is a key element in the work of PerkImBa


Be it an event with actors from any social sphere or a performance with members of a single company, each intervention is unique.


Each time, however, the level of dynamism, festivity and exchange remains the same.


The fundamental basis of the work is pedagogy, regardless of the diverse interventions and contexts, for example, courses, workshops or master class.


Interventions are aimed at:

  • Musicians, dancers, actors and other profiles from the performing arts, either amateur or professional

  • Artistic training professionals

  • Children, adolescents and adults from all social spheres

  • Anyone interested in experiencing a rhythmic, sound and gestural explosion ​

Based on Dalcroze Rhythmics in relation to the expression of percussion, the body, the voice and movement.


The goal of our projects is to experience a corporal, musical and spatial happening of collective creation through rhythm and movement.

The work of improvisation, dance – percussion, the development of the playful side of corporal and musical expression are some of the possible educational uses.


Developed around the generosity, energy, knowledge and experience of its directors, PerkImBa is above all an adventure based on an ethos of experimentation, discovery, risk taking, tolerance, love of life and smiles.

The hands-on collective rhythmic and gestural practice of PerkImBa is an opportunity for everybody to share in a multidisciplinary and cosmopolitan way.

PerkImBa premiered the “Street Jam” show in the Fira de la Mediterrània in 2009. Since then we continue to create in each project we produce.


Would you like to come and join us?

“Experience the world of PerkImBa in all its multiple forms and facets”

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