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Do you want to know the Jaques - Dalcroze Eurhythmics?
With this introduction to the method we will get:

Discover the principal musical elements included in training for actors, dancers or musicians.
Practice and knowledge of the Dalcroze method.


Practice of rhythmics, musical language and improvisation in a dynamic and current way.
Application of Eurhythmics didactics in relation to curriculum design of the institution and its specialty


Format Masterclass

To discover Dalcroze Pedagogy in a practical and fun way, is delivered by Neus Fernández, graduate of Rhythmics, Dalcroze Institute, Geneva.

The pedagogical possibilities of rhythmics in the comprehensive training of dance, music and theater students are explored.

Format Intensive courses

In weekend, cultural week or end of academic year.


Dance teachers generally and in particular creative dance and dance initiation.
Musical teachers in primary or secondary levels: musical instrument, musical language, applied harmony, choral singing and chamber music.
Theatre teachers.
Students looking for transversality and musicality in their training cursus.

Who can organise ?

Higher education schools 
Dance schools
Music schools
Theatre schools

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