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We offer improvisation workshops with specific goals depending on the artistic specialty of participants.  



Take part in a fun, entertaining and creative activity through improvisation.
Discover a practical didactic application in classes for instruments, chamber music and / or classical music ensembles.


DANCE. Practice the language of dance as a creative element.
THEATER. Work with text from the perspective of rhythm and sound.
MUSIC. Practice tonal, modal and atonal improvisation using the voice as musical instrument.

These workshops can bring together various artistic disciplines in centres that offer Music, Dance and Theatre studies

For Whom

Music, dance and theatre students who wish to improvise with their instrument and find their personal voice and direct relationship with music.

Musical instrument, musical language, applied harmony, choral singing and chamber music teachers, theatre and dance teachers.

And all those who want to improvise and use their body to create from the perspective of rhythm 

Who can organize courses?
Education centres 
Music, theatre and dance schools
Institutes offering high school performing arts programs

What is their format?

Masterclass or
Various workshops in diverse gatherings 


Or Workshop + Show "1 HOUR of improvisation"
With the PerkImBa Cia

Juliette Louste Improvisación en cursos de PerkImBa Formación

Possibility to create a final collective improvisation show flowing from the musicality where the dancers and actors interact in real time with the musicians and the members of PerkImBa.

It will be an unforgettable experience!!!

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