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BATUCADA with PerkImBa -Pet-sticks in the Classroom

Streaming Course

Do you want to play a Batucada with your students and friends?
Do you want to recycle objects?

We propose rhythmic and body exercises that, through group dynamics, will help us discover the PerkImBa didactics. We will share an experience of creation, fun, playful and at the same time excite the youngest to work from the body. 


A practice in the classroom that with spatial and structural elements, we can finish with a Batucada Perkimbera in the center courtyard, on the street or where you feel like sharing rhythm with beautiful group dynamics.


3 artists from the company, Gerard, percussionist and Roser, dancer, and Neus Fernández will accompany you in this online training, opening the doors to PerkImBa creativity.
Course director, Neus Fernández



You will know the basic percussion instruments necessary for the Batucada, we will build them with different objects, all of them daily and recycled, used in a unique way, always with the intention of promoting artistic expression.

Who is it for?

​The youngest people who want to share rhythm,teachers in continuing education, secondary, music, dance and theater teachers, social educators and all those who want to know a methodology of creation through rhythm.

If you cannot take the course in streaming time, you will have access to the videos and all the course materials for 6 months.

This course is in Spanish. If you want to stream in English, contact us by email





  • Body training

  • Musical structure and changes

  • Basic rhythms of Batucada and time

  • PerkImBa's repertoire of movement

  • The body and movement in sound space

  • Improvisation and collective creation

  • Didactics of the exercises worked



54 €

The course includes an individual return of the teachers from your work.

In the complementary materials of the course you will have documents and videos.




If you want to be informed of our activities, new courses, streamings, online training, workshops and Festivals ...

Send us your email.

Envia'ns el teu e-mail,

i no et perdis les activitats de PerkImBa.



Neus Fernández

Músic, pedagoga, Directora de PerkImBa








La meva professió està vinculada amb la música, la dansa i el teatre. La meva visió i inquietuds en el camp de la pedagogia son sempre interdisciplinars.


Estic graduada en piano, percussió i pedagogia al Conservatori Superior de Música de Barcelona.


Llicenciada en Rítmica Dalcroze per l’Institut Jaques-Dalcroze de Ginebra, Suïssa.

Desde fa més de 20 anys sóc professora de Música a les Escoles Superiors de Dansa CSD i Teatre ESAD de l’Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, especialitzada en la Rítmica Dalcroze a les Arts Escèniques.

El 2009 creo, juntament amb Thierry Hochstätter, el món de PerkImBa, projecte que segueix creixent en cada projecte que realitzem.

Imparteixo cursos per a la formació de mestres tant al país com a l’estranger. El que més m’interessa és donar eines al professorat per tal que ells creixin com a docents.


Multinstrumentista, vinculo el món de la interpretació i de la improvisació.

El que m’apassiona és treballar en equip, dirigir els projectes amb els membres de la Companyia PerkImBa i desenvolupar la creativitat a través del ritme i del moviment. Fem amb el que som i amb el que tenim. 

Neus Fernández CV.jpg



Gerard Masip

Musicien, pedagog, PerkImBa Cia artist














I am from Tarragona and I started my musical studies at the School of the Band Musical Union of Tarragona. 

Average degree of Classical Percussion at the Professional Conservatory of Music of Vila-seca, the Higher Degree of performance in the specialty of Jazz Drums at the Higher School of Musical Studies, Workshop of Musics of Barcelona and the Certificate of Rhythmic Studies Jaques-Dalcroze in the Joan Llongueres School of Music in Barcelona. 


I was a member of the International Melody Orchestra, the Cadillac International Orchestra and the Balkan music group La Colonia.

I have collaborated in various formations such as the Vila-seca Symphony Orchestra, the Baix Llobregat Young Symphony Orchestra and the Cobla Reus Jove. 


During the formative years I have received classes from teachers such as Ramón Ángel Rey, Xavi Reija, Javier Colina, Xavier Bertomeu, Quim Solé, Xavi Maureta, Vicente Martín, Jordi Bonell, Joan Monné, Dee Jay Foster, David Pastor, etc.

I am currently a drummer for the jazz quartet Pacheco & Ordax Eléctrico Quartet, for the Orgasmic Jazz Trio a CD has been recorded, for the gospel choir The Beating Souls, by the singer-songwriter Maria Jacobs and by the company Perkimba. 

I combine my concerts with teaching at the British School of Costa Dorada.

CV Gerard Masip PerkImBa
CV Roser Navarro PerkImBa Cia

Roser Navarro

Dancer, pedagog, PerkImBa Cia artist

I like to learn and share. 

I am trained in different private schools and in the Conservatorio Superior de Danza of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona en Pedagogía.


I have been part of PerkImBa Cia for 10 years and for 20 years I have been the director of the Le Bal de Gavà Dance School.

I believe in the importance of the arts to facilitate the complementarity of cognition and emotion in learning. 


I am convinced that artistic languages ​​are intimately linked to the global formation of any human being.

Every day I am more interested in enjoying the process without losing the artistic gaze and the staging.


I coordinate the dance entities of my town as president of Amigos de la Danza and organize collaborations with other associations and local entities.


I scratch the ukulele, I cook a cake and I haven't stopped dancing and listening to music one day of my life for 40 years.

If you have specific questions, please consult the FAQ or send us an e-mail.

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