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 Who gives the classes? 

PerkImBa classes are led by Neus Fernández and Thierry Hochstätter, directors of PerkImBa.  Members of the company also facilitate the classes. All of the company takes part in the summer international course thereby bringing together an exceptional team of trainers and artists.  


 Are classes intended solely for dancers? 

Anyone interested in movement and rhythm can take part in training.  Classes are suitable for adults and youths. If you are interested in classes for children consult the web page KIDS/TEENAGERS. 

 Are PerkImBa training courses recognized by the Department of Education of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia?

Yes, 15 hours of training is recognized, in addition work undertaken outside the specific course time is also counted. 

 Does class attendance result in a certificate?


Yes. Certificates recognized by the ADEP, Association for the Encouragement of Pluri-artistic Events, are delivered.

 Are all classes in Barcelona? 


Yes, in the headquarters of the Instituto del Teatro, in 100m2 training rooms intended for physical movement.

 Is it possible to come for a single day? 

Yes, exceptionally. After registration simply inform

 I registered online. Is my place guaranteed?

Yes. We have no maximum number of places. The teaching Director decides on the make-up of the groups based on the profiles of inscriptions and prior experience of PerkImBa training.  We are a large team, with access to several training rooms and can organize any number of classes as necessary to accommodate large groups. 

 I didn’t receive a confirmation email.  What should I do?

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email through Weezevent, please inform  and we will check your registration.

At what time should I arrive?

Classes start punctually at 9h30. Please come 15 minutes earlier to allow time to clear security and to be ready in the training room to start on time. 

 What clothes should I wear? 

Wear comfortable clothes that allow movement and, if possible, bare feet or anti-slip socks. 

 Do you offer student discounts?

Yes. All certified students, regardless of cursus, benefit from a special tariff. Please send a copy of your student card or a copy of your current enrolment at your education centre to

 Are grants or financial aid available?

Everyone should have access to training.  Following this principle, if anyone would like to follow our training courses, yet is in a delicate financial situation, they should let us know and we can find a solution. 

 If I cancel my registration can I be reimbursed?

Yes, as long as cancellation is notified at least 15 days before the start of the course to

 Are invoices available?

Yes. At registration you can automatically request an invoice.  If you need one later we can send it to you by email. 

 Is it OK to film or take photos during the classes? 

Generally no. PerkImBa organizes photos and videos of each course which are published on social media.  We have a team of professionals with high-quality work. Before classes participants waive their rights to the images taken.  Notwithstanding, if you are particularly interested in filming or taking photos, let the management know.

 Can PerkImBa courses be organized in my institution, school or in another city?

Yes. As long as the courses are undertaken by members of the company with PerkImBa drums.  We can also help you to make your own drums. Interested institutions should contact PerkImBa and we will take care of the organization, registration and marketing. For further information, please contact us at

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