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   dance music / theater

PerkImBa is above all an adventure based on an ethos of experimentation, discovery, risk taking, tolerance, love of life and smiles.

Developed around the generosity, energy, knowledge and experience of its directors - Neus Fernández and Thierry Hochstätter - 


Based on Dalcroze Rhythmics in relation to the expression of percussion, the body, the voice and movement the goal of our projects is to experience a corporal, musical and spatial happening of collective creation through rhythm and movement, 


The fundamental basis of the work is pedagogy, regardless of the diverse interventions and contexts, for example, courses, workshops or master class

The company and the directors contribute to an on-going reflection on::

  • Pedagogy and Dalcroze Rhythmics as a learning tool

  • Improvisation as a means of expression

  • Expressiveness and performance

  • Different scenic spaces 

  • And creation


The work of improvisation, dance – percussion, the development of the playful side of corporal and musical expression are some of the possible educational uses.

We are continually interested in educational and social projects and are open to new proposals. 


Improvisation - or more correctly spontaneous creation – in live performance, is a key element in the work of PerkImBa.

PerkImBa was created in 2009.
Since then we continue to grow with every new project. 

Would you like to come, learn and join us?

“We work with what we have, with what we are and we view each challenge as the beginning of a new creation”

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