October 17 and November 7 - Streaming Cours

Do you explain stories? Do you like to invent them? 


At PerkImBa we know that families and schools use stories for everything, to explain day-to-day events, to explain complex situations, to hang out or to gather in a circle and meet as a group. We use them because humanity is also essentially a story, a story. 


We also know that everyone has the resources to create, you just have to know from what pocket to get them. As a company we believe that it is essential to live joy to transmit it, to decide on the structures of our creation and then to play and rebuild them with improvisation. 


The proposal of "Create your Rhythmic Tale" is born from experience and play, from the application of the PerkImBeros elements to oral narration and creation of rhythmic-game-stories for the development of listening, sense of rhythm and coordination bodily. 


We will learn and relate music to narrative discourse, learning basic dramaturgy tools.



The proposal is based on the creation of a rhythmic tale based on our methodology together with the resources that it already has and others that are yet to be discovered, so that at the end of the workshop you will take your own tale.


There will be a personalized accompaniment for the creation of the story. The creations of the participants will be hung in the course in such a way that we will take as many stories as there are workshop participants. 

Who is it for? 
First and second cycle teachers of kindergarten and primary school, parents or people interested in parenting, stories, rhythm and music. 


Saturdays From 11:30 to 13:30

If you cannot take the course at this time, you will have access to the videos and all the course materials for 6 months.

This course is in Spanish. If you want to stream in English, contact us by email


If you sign up this fall for 3 PERKIMBA streaming courses, you will have the 4th course for FREE.

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  • The voice and the word 

  • Tools to create a narrative discourse Dramaturgical guide for creating stories 

  • The (not) age of stories

  • Body, vocal and movement expression

  • Sound and visual elements of the rhythmic story

  • Objects

  • Pulsation and Rhythm 

  • Musical and narrative structure

  • Vocal improvisation and adaptability of musical elements

Language Spanish

You can register without previous musical knowledge.

from 9 am to 11 am 

If you cannot take the course at this time, you will have access to the videos and all the course materials for 6 months.



A streaming training with accompaniment for each participant. It includes an individual return of teachers from their creative work.


In collaboration with the platform
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This course is complementary to

“Batucada with PerkImBa. Pet-sticks in the Classroom"

"Rhythmic Games behind the screen"and

"Live Dance History with PerkimBa"


Ilona Muñoz

Actress, pedagogue, PerkImBa Cia artist













I like to listen and tell stories. 

I have a degree in Teaching from the University of Barcelona and in Dramatic Art from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. 

I have also studied in England a Master in Creation and Team Theater based on the principle of coordination and polyphonic singing at Rose Bruford College in collaboration with Manchester University. 


I also accompany processes of change through movement based on the Feldenkrais Method of which I am internationally certified. 

I am currently training in Nonviolent Communication.


I have worked as a primary school teacher and lately also as an early childhood educator at the Escoleta de los Encants where I have been able to display the whole world of hands, objects and rhythms with the youngest children. 


I have moved, removed and chopped with PerkImBa where I always enjoy. 

I have worked in companies as a physical, text andtheater actress documentary, and I often sing and charm. I have also coordinated and carried out projects as a community artist. 


What I like is movement, I am a restless ass. 

Since 2017 I also have the title of mother.

Roser Navarro

Dancer, pedagogue and artist from PerkImBa Cia.



I like to learn and share. 

I am trained in different private schools and in the Conservatorio Superior de Danza of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona en Pedagogy.


I have been part of PerkImBa Cia for 10 years and for 20 years I have been the director of the Le Bal de Gavà Dance School.
I believe in the importance of the arts to facilitate the complementarity of cognition and emotion in learning. 


I am convinced that artistic languages ​​are intimately linked to the global formation of any human being.

Every day I am more interested in enjoying the process without losing the artistic gaze and the staging.

I coordinate the dance entities of my town as president of Amigos de la Danza and organize collaborations with other associations and local entities.

I scratch the ukulele, I cook a cake and I haven't stopped dancing and listening to music one day of my life for 40 years.

Full time mother since 2008.

If you have specific questions, please consult the FAQ or send us an e-mail.

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