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DANCE GAMES. Stimulating Creativity

Online Course

Do you want to dance and live a journey through the History of Contemporary Dance?
Do you like to move?

With this course we propose, through practice and different challenges, to know the History of Dance.

We will meet the main choreographers of the 20th century and we will make small creations using some of their methods.

We will use the musics that they used and we will see why they used these styles and composers.


With these proposals for guided improvisation and creation, we will encourage students to take a little trip back in time!

From Germany in the late 1970s with Pina Bausch to today's young choreographers.


A course where we will learn the tools to dance and get to know the dance repertoire of the main choreographers of the 20th century.

A set of challenges designed for Artistic Baccalaureate students but also of great interest to experience creative dance.

Who is it for?

​Teachers of dance, theater, music and teachers of the Baccalaureate of Performing Arts and also of great interest to people with artistic sensitivity.



You will have access to the videos and all the course materials for 6 months.


This course is in French and Catalan. If you want this cours in English, we offer English courses for Dalcroze Rhythmic groups, schools and associations. Contact us by email

Taller PerkImBa kids relax



  • Dance through play

  • The body and the qualities of movement

  • Use of the scenic space

  • Historical contexts

  • Improvisation

  • Choreographic study

  • Individual and collective creation


54 €



Laura Dorna

Dancer, teacher, PerkImBa Cia artist

Laura Dorna Bio.jpg

Neus Fernández

Musicien, pedagog, PerkImBa Director

CV Neus Fernández PerkImBa

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