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PerkImBa stays home ! But we can't stop playing and sharing.

We offer activitys for everybody, regardless of age.


              JOCS RÍTMICS 01 - TA & KI                                           JOCS RÍTMICS 02 - Make your instrument        











                                                                  JAM CIA - JOCS RÍTMICS 02













Cia PerkImBa we have made this VÍDEO for you .

At home, find an object you like and turn it into an instrument.


We have always made instruments from recycled things. With a bit of creativity, that we all have,

we can do something amazing.

Only 2 rules:

  • It must be an everyday or recycled object.

  • You can use anything BUT food, food is to be eaten!


Would you like to join PerkImBa in this adventure?

Here is the challenge !

  1. Choose an object to play rhythms on.

  2. We will all use the SAME tune. Play and dance with the instrument in any space of the house.

  3. Pick the part of the music you like the most. Record a 15 to 20 second VIDEO.

  4. Upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #retoperkimba .

  5. Don't forget to tag @perkimba .

We will make a new VIDEO with yours videos.

Here is the MUSIC.

Press PLAY and have fun !

Rhythm has no borders, and we stay connected even from home and at a distance.

THANKS to Citypercussion for giving us the music from their Album Z1Vendu.

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